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Update of prices on lines

Update of prices on lines

Have your prices changed ? Update your quotes !

The module Update of prices on the lines of already created documents (updatelines) allows to update in one click the sales and cost prices on the lines of propales, orders, invoices.

You will find it useful if your prices vary and you want to quickly update a business proposal with the current prices.

Configuration : choise of document types to update

The configuration of the module allows you to choose on which types of documents you want this feature: commercial proposals, orders, invoices. It depends on your activity. We often want to be able to update the prices on the estimates, but when a price is agreed with the buyer, it must not change thereafter (order, invoice). Depending on the activities, we may also need to update the prices up to the invoices. It is up to you to choose.

Use : simple as a click

An additional button at the bottom of the document allows you, with one click, to update the prices.

User permissions management included.

 Purchase the Prise Update module on the lines

The Line Price Update module is available on the Dolistore.

You can use it from version 3.3 of Dolibarr.

Buy the module on Dolistore
(20% of the sales amount goes directly to the association Dolibarr)