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Improve your Dolibarr experience !

(Dolibarr version 10 minimum)

Improve your Dolibarr v10 experience with this compilation of tools developed by Altairis.

NEW : Excel export for all Dolibarr lists

NEW : full compatibility with subtotal module

NEW : display third private note on card and commercial documents

NEW : fix card headers so they remain visible  when scrolling down

NEW : fix lists column headers so they remain visible  when scrolling down

NEW : set a global discount on all lines of your offer / order / invoice

NEW : display product available stock for immediate dispatch (real stock minus current orders)

NEW : display and management of document line numbers

This module also includes the features of premium modules:

– customref (custom reference management for your documents),

– deletelines (bulk deletion of lines from a document),

– updatelines (update the prices of the lines of your documents if the prices have changed on the product / service sheets),

– showprice (find all the editable fields of the form as soon as you add a new product / service line, without having to validate it and then edit it.) Allows management of the TTC price.

And many much more theme and document templates improvements !

Dolitools, what else ?