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With Altairis and Dolibarr, simplify and secure the management of your business!

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Secure and open source business management solutions (*)

Since 2006, Altairis has supported its clients in the development and implementation of reliable and easy-to-use management tools to optimize the work of their teams and develop their business.

Trading, equipment rental, services, e-commerce… whatever your activity, we offer you adapted and scalable solutions to simplify your management and focus on your business.

Save time and optimize your management !


* All our solutions are based on open-source web components, in particular Dolibarr ERP/CRM.

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DoliPro Hosting

Dolibarr in the cloud, in SaaS. Secure hosting, backed up every night, allowing you to certify your funds in accordance with the French 2016 finance law.


Altairis has a recognized expertise to support you in controlling and operating your ERP as closely as possible to your needs.

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Dolibarr add-ons

We develop various modules to complete and improve the user experience of your ERP.

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Equipment rental

Our exclusive DoliRent module, developed at the request of our customers, makes it possible to manage the peculiarities of the management of rented stocks.


If you are a professional in the sale or resale of B to B equipment, we have personalized solutions to support you.

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Interfaces / EDI

To improve the efficiency of your interactions with your partners, suppliers and customers, we are developing solutions that will allow you to devote your time to your core business rather than repetitive tasks.

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Serious, Responsive, Competent, Experienced

A motivated team attentive to your projects

Users and actors of the Dolibarr community (*) since 2006, we support many companies every day in simplifying their management.

Altairis is a member of the Dolibarr association and received the  Dolibarr Preferred Partner label for all of his contributions (code, forum animation, etc.).

* Dolibarr is an open-source, free and open source business management information system (ERP), developed by a community of programmers, users, functional experts and translators.

Some reference customers

They trust us

In all sectors of activity,
from high-tech to the manufacture of funeral stationery
through the rental of construction equipment or crockery,
companies trust Altairis to support them
in all aspects of their IT management.

Do you want to improve the management of your business?

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