Private life

Private life

Mass sending

We can be led to use you email adress, either for your login or o send you emails. Your explicit aproval is required for us to send you our newsletter. You can change the configuration of your profile at any time to whether you want to receive it or not. In some very rare cases we can be led to send you not-requested emails, but nerver without a good reason to do so. We fight against spam as much as possible.

Web Logs

We analyse the logs regularly to constantly improve the value of the published content on this server. The logs do not contain any personal data, and we do not try to link it to the users who browse on the website.


Although some consider cookies as a serious problem of security, as developers we consider it very handful tool. We use cookies to identify users from a request to another, nothing more. If despite everything you don’t agree with this use of cookies, you can configure your browser to block them. Even without cookies you can have access to a significant part of the centent of the website. You simply won’t be able to do any thing that require a server authentification.


You have to create and enter your password to authentificate yourself on this server. Please note that the passwords are cripted in the data base, so there is no way we can find them. This encryption can be broken, but this operation requires considerable efforts, so you can consider your passwords safe here. The downside to this method is that we’re not able to find a password that have been lost, only generating a new one.

Published informations

Informations published here are necessarily public, even if some restrictions allow you to control the conditions to access to these informations. Moreover, we reserve ourselves the right to reread, change or delete every article, file, link, comment, etc. And that, without any justification. Most of the time we do this to fix typos, reclassify articles into the right sections or even to modify something manifestly inappropriated. The owner of the website who decides what is inappropriated or not. Please do not see any threat in these words, when the “netiquette” is well respected everything is ok, right   ?

If you have any questions, or comment about this security rules, or if you want more information, you can  contact us.