DoliRent - Equipment rental management for Dolibarr

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DoliRent - Equipment rental management for Dolibarr

Package for management of equipment rental with Dolibarr

(Dolibarr version 10 minimum)

We propose also a solution hosted by us to facilitate the management of updates and evolutions : contact us.

With the DoliRent solution, you will be able to completely manage your equipment rental business with Dolibarr v10 and more.

Presentation of the equipment rental solution for dolibarr

  • Your products are for sale and / or rental: do not lose the purchase and sale information. Your product can be both rented and sold. The product master allows you to add rental information to the usual purchase / sale information. You can have stock to sell, and stock to rent.
  • Manage your rental rates (and insurance if you wish) – configurable.
  • The forms of creation of documents (quotations, orders, invoice) are adapted to the hiring:
    • Highlighting the cost of rent and the cost of insurance.
    • Management of the dates of exit and return.
    • Management of the billable rental period.
    • Visualization when adding the products of your availabilities in stock.
  • You go from the accepted proposal to the order, from the order to the shipping … in one click in the respect of Dolibarr fluidity.
  • Create your delivery notes for shipping – with, for those who use it, the management of serial numbers on one and the same screen.
  • Manage product returns and return to stock.
  • Manage billing from the order or shipping by keeping rental information created from the quote.
  • You have pdf models adapted to the hiring.
  • Specific dashboards and specific agendas will help to manage the orders to be prepared on a daily basis, what has come out, what must come in, the availability in time …

Interfacing with the equipment module for those who manage serial numbers on their leased products

  • Quick entry of the serial numbers at the creation of the exit certificate and the return slip (entry, choice in a drop-down list or shower scan)..
  • Management of serial numbers and stocks.
  • Management of the status of the equipment (available or not available, visible on the agenda): in stock, pre-blocked, blocked, in use, sold, stolen / lost, workshop … the statuses are configurable).
  • Traceability of each rented product: condition (in stock, rented, repaired … configurable); concerned customer; dates …

Delivered with Dolitools: improvements to the dolibarr theme, equivalent to our former modules Showprice, Customref, DeleteLines, Refresh prices on documents, management of lines of numbered documents (including adding line), floating buttons at the bottom of the screen, menu always visible …).

Dolibarr minimum version

Dolibarr v10 minimum.
This version of the module will not work properly below the dolibarr v10.


You can download the Documentation for the rental management module for dolibarr.

Screenshots, explanations for the configuration, of your equipment rental management activity with dolibarr: everything is explained step by step.