Commissions management module for Dolibarr

(Dolibarr version 10 minimum)

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The commission management module for Dolibarr

This module allows you to manage the commissions of the commercial agents of your company. Commercial agents must be internal users of Dolibarr.

  • Commissions can be calculated on sales or margins.
  • You choose to take into account either closed orders, validated invoices, payments (partial or complete), or paid invoices.
  • Cumulation of several rules of commissioning or non-cumulation (the finest rule will apply)
  • Limit commissioning to contacts of an invoice / order (otherwise applies to the contacts of the document and to the sales representative attached to the customer)
  • Management of the commissions depending on the amount of the discount granted on the invoice / order line or according to the amount of the invoice / order line
  • Management of several salespeople for the same customer.
  • Commission Management by Product / Service Categories
  • Commission Management by Customer Category
  • Commission management according to a specific customer
  • Management of commission according to the type of contact of the document (or simply the salesman or salesman attached to the customer)
  • Management of commissions according to the commercial (name of the user concerned).

View full documentation of the module here !

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