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Module Smart Tables for Dolibarr

Module Smart Tables for Dolibarr

Altairis has just put on sale a new module (smarttables) that allows a better navigation of large lists in Dolibarr:

  • either with the standard pagination of Dolibarr + the choice of the number of lines to display
  • either with column headers that remain displayed when you go down in the list,
  • either with the use of the dataTable component (see screen copies) which also allows printing and one-click export of lists to the clipboard, Excel and Pdf

Buy the module on Dolistore
(20% of the amount of sales goes directly to the Dollibarr association)

Standard display with choice of number of lines:smarttables_default

Configuration of the module:config_none

Configuration fixed headers: config_nodt

Display with fixed headers: nodt

Configuration with dataTables: config_dt

Display with dataTables: commandes_dt

Export Options: export_dt