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Commissions management module for Dolibarr

Commissions management module for Dolibarr

This commission management module for Dolibarr allow you to manage the commissioning of your salespersons. It can be used alone, or paired up with the Margin module that we developed then added to the core of Dolibarr 3.3.

General settings for the Commission module


You choose :

  • the calculation base of the commissions : on the turnover or on the margins ;
  • The method of commissioning : on the closed orders, on the invoiced, on the invoice payment (partial or complete), on the invoices classified paid only ;
  • The choice of the sharpness of the commissioning rules : you can cumulate diffrent commissioning rules or use the sharpest rule ;
  • Limit the commissioning to the contacts of a file -or not. By default, the salespersons assigned to the customer who are commissioned. But you can also define commercials contacts (internal)  on the invoice. Choose here how you want the program to do about this : everyone is commissioned, or just the commercial contact of the invoice.

Define the ratios of commissioning


  • On the products ;
  • On the services ;
  • For a saleperson in particular and/or a particular customer ;
  • For a range of amount.

Assign a saleperson to your customers

This is a native functionality of Dolibarr, available at the level of the customer’s record. Assign a saleperson to each customer – the saleperson have to be a user of Dolibarr. Once this operation is done, all the commissions ont the sales will be attributed to the saleperson assigned to the client, whoever is the one who makes the invoices.

You can also assign several salepersons to one client, the module will take them into account.

Commission’s dashboard




The main screen of the commission module allow you to see the commissioning of your salepersons.

  • Choose to see all of your salepersons or just one in particular ;
  • Choose the slots of dates that you want to see ;
  • On a saleperson in particular, see the summary for each customer  or by details by invoices.

You can also take into account the invoices that have been confirmed but not payed yet – by default, one only see the commissions on the paid invoices.

Dolibarr Version and licence

The commission module is compatible with all the versions of Dolibarr since the 3.4

It is, like Dolibarr, under GPL V2 or above licence.

Languages : French, English

Get the commission module for Dolibarr

You can get the commission module for Dolibarr and the documentation to install it and use it by contacting us. Price of the module : 180€ HT – this cost represent your participation to the development of the module and allow you to receive the updates.

Buy the module on Dolistore
(20% of the amount of the sales is directly sent to the association Dolibarr)