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Modules Dolibarr – État des lieux

Modules Dolibarr – État des lieux

Altairis continues to develop Dolibarr modules; some are for sale on Dolistore, others are waiting for publication, and new ones are in preparation; a small inventory.

Dolibarr modules available on Dolistore:

  • The Updatelines (Actualisation de Prix sur les lignes) allows you to update in one click the sales and cost prices on the lines of propales, orders, invoices. Very useful to update propales/ orders/ draft invoices that are no longer up to date in terms of prices. User permissions management included.
  • The Commissions module is used to manage the commission of commercial agents; commissions can be calculated on the turnover or on the margins, taking into account either orders, invoices, or partial or complete payments.
  • The  Shippingcost module(Frais de Port) allows to define lines of shipping on the propales, orders, invoices and to print them. The pdf models provided correspond to the basic dolibarr models (crab, azur, einstein) on which have been added the lines and/or total shipping costs corresponding to the configuration of the module.
  • The Importmultilang module(Import des traductions des produits) Import labels, descriptions and product notes in multiple languages.
  • The Agentproducts module(Produits par utilisateur) used to define lists of products assigned to a Dolibarr user. This user will only be able to access them, either at the level of the product sheets or in the quotes, orders and invoices. These product lists can be created from products in a category or product by product.
  • The  Webmail module permet d’ouvrir RoundCube dans Dolibarr, allows you to open RoundCube in Dolibarr, either for full access (Webmail icon) or with limited access to the folder of the third party in the mailbox (“Emails” tab on the third party file).

Dolibarr modules awaiting publication:

  • The Rental (locations) module allows you to manage a material rental and sale activity.
  • The Altapdf module provides pdf templates that handle page breaks perfectly and are compatible with all Altairis modules.
  • The Currencybilling (facturation en Devises) module allows you to edit offers, orders and customer invoices in a currency other than the management currency.
  • The  CustomRef module allows to customize the references of the offers, orders, invoices and shipments (possibility to use the counter from the draft stage, possibility to suffix the references generated by the meters and possible transmission during cloning, etc).
  • The  Dashboard module allows you to completely customize the Dolibarr home screen.
  • The  MySkin module allows you to customize the colors of Dolibarr.
  • The  Warranty (Gestion de la garantie) module adds simple warranty management on sold products.
  • The Showprice module restores the possibility to modify all the information when adding lines to an offer, order, customer invoice and in particular the ability to modify the selling price of a product.

Dolibarr modules in preparation:

  • Management of the After-Sales Service (ASS).
  •  Notes management
  • Management of  Realated Product (produits Associés)
  • Advanced product entry for offers, orders, invoices

Other Dolibarr modules:

  • The Prices (Gestion des Prix) module allows to import supplier price catalogues and possibly to automate the calculation of sales prices using coefficients that may be different depending on the currency of purchase. This module has been available for a few years but is not on sale on Dolistore because it requires support for its implementation.