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Prices management for Dolibarr

Prices management for Dolibarr

The module “Prices” allows you to manage quicky your supplier’s prices catalog and mass update of prices of the products : import and update as often as needed !

Because it quickly becomes tedious -not to say impossible- to manage an activity with a huge products catalog which often changes, we have developped collectively with two of our clients this module of management of prices catalogs.

Documentation in PDF format (French)

Prices catalogs management

The Prices module allows one to import a supplier’s prices catalog in Dolibarr, and get rid of the manual creation or modification of products one by one.

The module allows you to import the updated prices of supplier’s catalogs, as well as all the elements related to the management of the purchasing and selling prices, including the discounts clients/suppliers, VAT rates and purchasing currencies.
Your suppliers have updated their prices ? Update the whole catalog by doing the import of the modified prices. That’s all.

You can import the products of several suppliers at the same time if needed, and assign to your products the category of your choice.

Finally, to be complete and usable, Prices allows you to create in Dolibarr the new catalog’s products that you import (with their descriptions). It is also able to let you know the products of your database that are not in the catalog anymore to let you choose to stop buying them, or selling them if they are not in stock !

Calculation and mass updating of the prices

Prices allows you to calculate and update automatically as the whole the prices of your products of your database depending on the coefficient of sale that you have determined.

By taking into account a sales coefficient and a purchase coefficient modifiable in the configuration of Dolibarr, you automatically calculate the final cost prices and selling prices depending on these coefficients.

In addition of the currency by default of your Dolibarr, you can also modify these selling cost and selling coefficients according to the currencies that you have to handle, which allows you to take into account in your prices the variation of the exchange rates for each affected products.

These coefficients can be updated at any time, the cost and selling prices will then automatically be recalculated depending on the new indicated coefficients.

Of course, the prices are still modifiable on a case by case basis on the products sheet if needed.

What is left for you to do ?

  1. Preparing your import prices document in a csv format indicating all of the fields thatyou want to import. The procedure is detailled in the documentation.
  2. Calculating your  sale and purchase coefficients, including all of the prices calculation elements that you want to take into account. Again, this point is also approached in the documentation.

Cases of use

As said earlier, we have co-developped this module with two of our clients who had some close but diffrent needs. This is from their specifications, and with their tests and feedbacks that we were able to developped the Prices module, keeping an eye on being as generic as possible in our conception to consider other cases.

  • Manage the regular updates depending on the exchange rates.
  • Automatically calcuating the sale prices depending on the wanted margin.
  • To import and update the catalogs of products which come from diffrent suppliers that frequently changes : at a prices level but also in its content (news, other old products disappearing).


Dolibarr’s version and licence

The Prices module is compatible with all the versions of Dolibarr since 3.5

Supported languages : French, English.

It is, like Dolibarr, under GPL V3 licence or above.

Get the prices management module

You can get the module Prices and its documentation of installation and use by contacting us.

Price of the module : 480€ HT – this cost represent your participation to the developpement of the module and allow you to dispose of its updates.

IMPORTANT : in cases of contact by email or contact form, don’t forget to indicate the informations of invoicing that you want. If you are a company based outside of France, in the European Union, you will also have to indicate your number of intra-Community VAT.