Modules Dolibarr – État des lieux

Altairis continue de développer des modules Dolibarr; certains sont en vente sur Dolistore, d’autres sont en attente de publication, et de nouveaux sont en préparation; petit état des lieux. Modules Dolibarr disponibles sur Dolistore : Le module Actualisation de Prix sur les lignes (updatelines) permet d’actualiser en un clic les prix de vente et de […]

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Dolibarr – Display the name of the supplier during the selection of the buying price

In the diffrent documents of Dolibarr (business proposition, orders, invoices), it’s possible to choose the buying price used to calculate the mark-up (if the mark-up module is enabled, of course). But this list lacks an important information, namely the name of the supplier corresponding to each suggested price. Again, the modification is quite simple : […]

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Prestashop – Display of the shopping cart in B2B mode without being logged in

In B2B, Prestashop only allow authenticated users to purchase. While keeping this method, we would like to show the shopping cart even for not logged in visitors, mainly to make it clear that they are on a online shop. The only solution that I found was to lightly modify the blockcart module. The only downside is that the modification will […]

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