Actualisation des prix sur les lignes

module dolibarr actualisation des prix

Vos prix ont changé ? Actualisez vos devis ! Le module Actualisation des prix sur les lignes des documents déjà créés (updatelines) permet d’actualiser en un clic les prix de vente et de revient sur les lignes des propales, commandes, factures. Vous en aurez l’utilité si vos prix varient et que vous souhaitez rapidement mettre […]

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ShowPrice : Display and modify the prices on Dolibarr

This new module shoprice allow you to display and modify the sale prices of products predfined at the entry of commercial propositions, orders, and invoices. This option is configurable by a group of users (management of the permissions). NEW : It  is now possible to enter the prices including taxes on the line ! Click […]

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Dolibarr – Display the name of the supplier during the selection of the buying price

In the diffrent documents of Dolibarr (business proposition, orders, invoices), it’s possible to choose the buying price used to calculate the mark-up (if the mark-up module is enabled, of course). But this list lacks an important information, namely the name of the supplier corresponding to each suggested price. Again, the modification is quite simple : […]

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